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chuck torres
My name is Chuck Torres . I started my restoration journey in 2003. I'm the maker of the DTR and this is my website/post blog. Every picture you see on this site is me with the exception of the "Other DTR users" page and Alex's touch up pages.

long foreskin
In 2002 I heard about Foreskin Restoring on the radio one day while driving . When I got home I checked it out online. Information was available but not like today. I found a web site called newforeskin.biz  and I researched everything I could find on the subject. Most methods at the time relied on tugging and were mostly homemade.

Foreskin protects the glans from rubbing on clothing and drying out. This keep the glans sensitive.

foreskin pull
 Glide action :This is the foreskin's ability to move over the glans so that only the foreskin is in contact with them. This feeling is amazing to say the least.

 The foreskin can stay in place as the penis moves when having sex, this prevents dryness so no extra lubrication is needed.
My glans have become smooth and shiny and sensitive to touch. The foreskin keeps it protected the way they are supposed to be. Not exposed and dried out the way circumcision causes them to become.
Before restoring
The logic in restoring made sense but the devices available at the time were more $$$ than I wanted to spend on something that I could make myself.
      It took me almost a year before I started to restore since I was a little skeptical on if this was really even possible.
 I felt the sensitivity with my penis was diminishing as I time passed by. This is why restoring intrigued me, I also never liked the way my circumcised penis looked and It was also taken longer to reach orgasm during any sexual activity . Time was going to pass me by regardless... so doing nothing was not an option.

This site is my online record on how I restored my foreskin. Remember this web-site is not a tutorial. It is a place where I share my own restoring project and results. Use your own judgement on what is right for you and your body.

Bet your wondering what the heck I am looking at?

(Brass goggles not included)
  • No more DRIED glans and dull feeling penis!
  • Glans sensitivity greatly increased ( glans stay protected )
  • Sexual activity is much more pleasurable
  • Natural appearance and a feeling of being intact
  • Orgasms that are longer and more intense
  • loss of sensitivity ( head of the penis being constantly exposed )
  • loss of sexual satisfaction
  • Soreness for myself and my wife ( no glide action )
  • Unhappy with appearance of an unnatural looking penis
Being circumcised I was experiencing all of these problems.
So my story is simple. Like many circumcised men I was losing the penile sensitivity I had when I was younger.  My glans needed more stimulation and it was taking longer and longer to reach orgasm with each passing year. Not an erection issue although i have heard this can happen to some men but just a sensitive problem, My glans felt like any other body part. Turning my penis into a pin cushion with piercings helped but unfortunately piercings can be an issue.
Why would someone restore ?
  Being restored changed the way I experience life. Not only did it give me gave me new sensations like I never had before but it also has changed my attitude towards life. It was this dramatic of a change for me.  A good Friend told me " Your not just restoring a penis.. Your restoring the man behind it.
This is what I personally gained from restoring.
Time was going to pass me by regardless... so doing nothing was not an option.
Although I believe foreskin restoration is very safe some precaution needs to be taken. Your skin has limits to the stress it can be subjected to.  I found this out the hard way.
One night I was very aggressive and damaged a small area of skin that took a very long time to heal since it was on the fold of my inner foreskin. The manual exercise was something I called the "Finger pull" stretch. This injury was caused by my own stupidity and arrogance thinking my skin was invincible and I went well over my limits. ...for me..that's saying something! 
It was only by taking a very long break did things start to improve. So use your head if you choose to restore. Your body has limits and its always best to listen to your body when it needs a rest.

You need to be consistent and patient. and when your skin needs a break…listen to it.  I say this to anyone restoring regardless of what you are using to restore with.
My arrogance was not taking a long break after this injury.  I continued this same exercise each night when I should have just stopped and allowed this injury to heal. This only made the injury worse over time.
It took 15 years of me using my penis as a pin cushion and test dummy to finally injure myself and it was with a simple manual stretch exercise. It's a very good manual exercise for inner skin growth when done with restraint...but I was never one for restraint.

  I created my own device that could be used with multiple methods.  Over time this device was perfected with feedback from other restoring men that I made the device for. 
Your not just restoring a penis.. Your restoring the man behind it.
I do not recommend a foreskin piercing
i was stupid then.. and.not much has changed
Or I could be completly BatsHit CraZy
There is also something else that is hard to describe. I have been contacted by many others that have restored and feel this same Mental change.  I feel there is something more going on with routine circumcision than $$$
Now saying this and it being 2022, I will say that everything I did was worth it.  Every injury I ever had from restoring has healed completely.  If it wasn't for the BXO that I cant blame on my foreskin but only on my laziness and ignorance about a possible reaction too prolonged urine contact.
My only regrets are the piercings I did in my foreskin and Frenulum. Surface piercings are difficult in some areas even years later.  But live and learn from my stupidity