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Update 2021 P-2
June 2021
 Pucker is the term I use to describe the end of the foreskin when its all puckered up..
In warmer temps the end of my foreskin will get loose as seen here.  Some times a bit looser when its very hot. 
I continued to restore and later that year I found myself playing cards one night.  I was not using anything to retain and when I got up to use the bathroom I was surprised again this time to see my glans fully covered. I had to retract my skin to urinate.
This pucker action started to happen more and more as I continued to grow skin.The key is having enough skin to cover your glans technically .  Don't get discouraged if this is not happening to you all the time.  Even if you have the skin to cover your glans I feel you need to train the skin forwards by retaining it forwards.
Eventually I feel you will no longer need anything to retain your skin forwards and the skin will just stay this way.  I will get days when I only get %90 coverage when its hot and I my junk is flopping about.
The first stage of roll over happened when I was sitting down in my truck, I was not retaining at this point and I just felt like my skin was over my glans,  I took a peak and I was surprise to see this is exactly what was happening
This is my own personal opinion on getting the skin to stay forwards when your getting roll back after you have grown enough skin to cover your glans.
Use whatever you feel comfortable to achieve this.Some guys like using something that can give the skin a little stretch. Others prefer an O-ring, Or tape, What ever it takes to keep the skin forwards. You might be able to do it with a snug fitting undergarment.
 So I did not start to retain and sleep until 1 years worth of restoring. I used an O-ring mostly. It took awhile before It would always stay on all night.  Again use your own judgement
This new "pucker" did not last long and would only happen if I was seated.But this sign gave me a lot of hope to continue to restore so many years ago.
Sleeping and retaining is something you need a good amount of skin to do.  I have done it with an O-ring for years.   This does not mean you should do this. I am just telling you what I personally have done without a problem. I also had enough skin to handle nocturnal erections.
The end of my foreskin naturally swirls in one direction when the skin covers the glans.
You can see how lighting affects the skin tones. This picture is in filtered sunlight same day as one above
I had to show a close up of this.  The skin does not hang off the glans like a tube sock.  The end of the foreskin tightens in a swirl...Reminds me of Jiffy popcorn packaging.
This is just some random pics to show the skin  at different times of the day
Just about to jump in the shower
Here I am about to use the bathroom and this is what the end of the foreskin looked like at that time
That little red spot is where my PA piercing used to be
 When the glans are flaccid the surface can look almost like wrinkled tissue paper.
Semi erect and the glans swell making the surface tight and wet looking in the sun.
I have to say I am glad I found out about restoring when I was in my early 30's  
To go threw life with a dried up prune at the top of my stalk would have sucked.
Lighting and stages of erection can change appearance
This in under a bright spot light at getting semi erect.
When the skin is pulled down you can see it wrinkles up behind the glans.
This whole folded and wrinkled area is what covers the glans when the skin is forwards.. Much like a convertible top on a car...  but for your Dick. ..Yup I said it.
90 % coverage to me means no pucker.  Not exposed glans.  Only time I have exposed glans is if I intentionally retract the skin and leave it that way. Even then if check it after moving around or sitting I am back to full coverage.
I am very happy with the way my frenulum healed. I am sure if I never pierced it I would have not had to remove it.