The DTR's bell is hollowed to accommodate the push plate or the head of the penis if I wanted to use it as a tugger. The push plate is also concave for better comfort.

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I have made restoring equipment for men all over the world since 2005. Check out the Testimonials page on this site or on any restoring forum online to read what other restorers think about the DTR and my service.

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There are two push plates for the DTR, Standard for those without a frenulum and Notched for those with a frenulum.
Please click here for more information on each push plate.
  • Hand made in the USA one at a time
  • Durable non toxic materials
  • Used worldwide by thousands since 2005
The surface texture of the DTR is also designed for gripping power. Although appearing smooth to the eye. If you run your fingernail down the Bell you will feel small grooves much like the grooves on a record album.
Micro grooves make up the bells surface to help prevent slippage.
Wide collar
The Bell design also provides better gripping power, this worked better than my previous attempts with a cone shaped design back in 2003.
using "Dave's Home-Made Tugger instructions" I am not knocking the Instructions or the concept but for me it just kept falling off.
The Restoring equipment I create for others has been and will always be made from solid Nylon that is hand machined on a lathe
just as I made my original DTR back in 2005

I can use the Tug pin with an elastic strap to switch to the Tugging method.
Same size
See what other guys are using to restore with before you buy anything. Don't just listen to what I am saying on a website. Restoring is not a fast process.  It can takes years for some to get the results they want.
A clear gripper allows me see how the skin is positioned.
Removal of a gripper is easy. Just lift and stretch it off the DTR body.
The grip works by friction. When the skin is rolled onto the bell and the gripper rolled onto the skin the skin becomes held by both the bell and the gripper. 
When force is used such as tugging or dual tension the skin gets pulled as if it is being pulled off the bell, When this happens the gripper gets tighter since it clings to the skins surface and tries to moves with the skin.

 This action holds the skin tighter to the bell. The more tension the more grip. Much like a "Chinese finger trap"  the more you pull the tighter the grip.

The more tension the more it presses into the skin. My glans and skin will start to bother me after I am using it for a period of time. This depends on how much tension I was using.  Slippage was not something that happened often. Tugging was the first step to giant some skin.
Work the gripper over the nylon screws and your done.
Push rods attach to a push plate by screwing on like a nut and bolt. 3 inch to 8 inch rods are available with 6 inch being the most common used.

There are 2 holes in the top so elastic bands can be used for tension when using elastic tension method. They can also be installed upside down when using weighted method.
I have found that the griper with holes is more flexible. The solid gripper gives a slightly tighter grip. Some men do not like the small holes in the gripper with holes so it truly comes done to a personal preference when choosing what style to get. 
"Dual tension"* works by creating a push/pull tension on the skin. As the push plate pushes into the glans the bell pulls the skin forward. This creates tension on both inner and outer skin at the same time and I no longer needed a strap down my leg to create tension. This was a big advantage over tugging. Tugging is still a great method to use if you don't mind the strap.
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The wide collar above the gripper keeps the gripper from lifting off the skin when no tension is applied
This design was the end results of many months of personal experimenting and with feedback from other restoring men that I wanted something that worked and did not fall off.
Over the years this design has been copied by others because it works. The difference is how its made and what its made with.

With restoring becoming more popular these days It does not surprise me these many devices are using the same concepts and ideas that have been used by people tinkering around for years.
Click video screen to play in new window ( you can save the video also )
This design allowed me to use any amount of tension I desired with the use of elastic bands or I could just set tension and lock it in place with the tension hold screw.
 The size of a DTR bell is approximately 34.30 mm + - .15  wide at the base. Over the past 15 years this size has proven to be a "one size fits most" with exceptions for those with very large or small glans when flaccid. 

From the data I have gathered since 2005 I have found that the average DTR users glans measure between 30 mm to 40 mm when flaccid. I am aware that there are men in the 40 mm to 45+ rmm range that still use the DTR.

This System allowed me to change and use other methods to restore with without having to use multiple devices. 
This design was the end results of many small tweaks from feedback over the years.  This is why its shape and size works out for so many men.  Exception to you guys with BIG BATS between your legs.
Gripper performance
Grippers are also interchangeable with the Retainer
Using the DTR Bell for the tugging method
I created my own restoring equipment to solve many issues I was having when I started my restoring
Focus can be put on inner skin or outer skin by how the skin is manipulated onto the bell. This is what I call the "Push" or "Roll" method of attaching a device.
Thats got to mean something good.
I personally liked the holes
There are many copies of the DTR design online today. These are usually mass produced using cheap breakable 3D printing or injected molded plastic.
Hand made from Nylon on a lathe not 3D printed, PVC or injected molded plastic.
The DTR is free hand formed on a lathe . It is a self contained restoring device that does not need any additional straps to create tension when used in dual tension mode or a tugger when using a strap.
This method is used by many just starting to restore since it requires the least amount of skin when using a tape less device. This is the method I started with.

DTR kit
Contact me with any questions
Made from Machined nylon not cheap breakable 3D or injected molded plastic .
Since the device was self contained this made it convenient to wear shorts and still restore. I could use almost any article of clothing with the exception of tight pants for obvious reasons.
( My glans are approximately 37 mm wide when flaccid ). 
DTR bell sizing
If you have concerns about sizing please contact me before you place an order.
Some slack skin is needed to use dual tension. Someone with a tight circumcision would be better off using the tugging method first.
  • Mass produced
  • injected plastic
  • 3D printed
MSDS sheets on Nylon used
I use this Nylon for a reason, its safe and very durable.Your restoring equipment better survive a fall and more. Because you will drop it, sit on it, and more in the years to come.
Hand made on a lathe since 2005
I have made the DTR this way since 2005 and it has been proven to be a very effective design.
Although some sections of the DTR bell must be kept to a certain measurement you will see that no two DTR bells are exactly alike.